Our team


  • Alfia Yarkina - Russian

    Alfia Yarkina - Russian

    Alfia graduated from Tambov State Pedagogic Institute in 1990. After graduating Alfia attended professional training in 1996.

    She has 25 years of qualified work experience in both private and public schools. Alfia has worked at P'tit CREF since 2012.

    She enjoys reading, travelling and she is in the process of updating her qualifications.

  • Julie Browse - English

    Julie Browse - English

    Julie is an English teacher from Northern Ireland. 

    Julie graduated from the University of Glasgow, Scotland with a MA in Hispanic Studies. She completed her TEFL training in 2012 and began teaching in a primary school in Swaziland in 2005. Since then Julie taught in a kindergarten and a university in Peru and most recently worked as a nanny, a private tutor and an English language assistant for the comunidad de Madrid, Spain. Julie has been working for P'titCREF for 4 years.

  • Wilfrid Dumontier - French

    Wilfrid Dumontier - French

    Wilfrid Dumontier is from Rouen, Normandy.

    He graduated from Rouen International School of Management. He has a lot of experience working with international students and enjoys helping people to engage with the French language.He is very patient and enjoys learning about cultural differences.

    He came to P’tit Cref1905 because he wanted to use his skills to work with children and help them discover the fascinating world of the French language and French culture.

  • Morgan Malie - French

    Morgan Malie - French

    Morgan Malie comes from Bordeaux. In 2007 he finished school with great honours (speciality litterature and russian).

    In 2009 Morgan attained his bachelor's degree in literature, specialising in French as a foreign language.

    He worked in SibAGS (Siberian Academy of Public Administration in Novosibirsk) and in a gymnasium in Flensburg (Germany). In 2014, Morgan started to work in P'titCREF1905 with the group Toddlers. He as well led some weeks of holiday program (summer, Christmas and the week of cinema during which he wrote the scenario of “Nutcracker” and organised its filming). He led the music and cooking extracurricular activities and gives individual lessons for all age and all levels, including preparation to the french school. He is a cofounder and actor of the children puppet theater “P'titThéâtre”.

    In 2016, Morgan got a Montessori training (Technologies for healthy instruction and education of prescholar children). He speaks french, russian, english and esperanto. This year, Morgan will work again with the Toddlers group. 

  • Salamatu Abbas - English

    Salamatu Abbas - English

    Salamatu has been working for P’titCREF1905 since 2015, in Toddlers group. She is from Ghana, West Africa and graduated from the University of Ghana with Bachelor of Arts in political science and Theatre Arts. She completed her TESOL training in May, 2015 from Canada. She is very passionate about teaching young learners and she is very experienced in enlightening early learners. She has been working with the toddler groups at P’titCREF1905, Moscow since September, 2015. As a creative teacher, she prepared summer camp programs, extracurricular in English and Language courses for the little ones. Salamatu intends to introduce the children to the fascinating world of English language and the English culture. Salamatu loves cooking, reading, music and singing.

  • Zakaria HUSEINI - English, science, Langages4kids

    Zak has over three years’ experience in teaching English as a foreign language to young learners, as a tutor and EFL teacher using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; Learning, Teaching and Assessments abbreviated in English as CEFR. As a multilingual person Zak is flexible and a creative English tutor who adjusts his teaching methods to suit every English learner making use of several teaching methods.

    Zak graduated from the University of Ghana in 2012. He successfully completed his Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign language (TEFL) from United Kingdom in August 2015. He joined P’titCREF1905 to enlighten the kids on different cultures, languages and science. Zak is a sports fan, loves travelling, swimming, reading and theatre. 

  • Zhenya Rubina - Russian, psychology, yoga, dramatic reading

    Zhenya Rubina - Russian, psychology, yoga, dramatic reading

    Zhenya has graduated from Moscow State University of Psycology and pedagogics with honors (Faculty of psychological counseling, specialized in children and family therapy).

    She has been working as a psychologist at kindergarten over 10 years, and works with preschoolers in various art studios.

    She is constantly working on improving her qualification by attending various seminars and courses (children's yoga, art therapy, training for teachers in the project Segni mossi, early musical development - ORF-approach).

    Zhenya is a scientific advisor for the magazines "Happy parents», «Cosmo psychology».

    In 2015, she became both founder and actress of «Ptit-theater», where she puts on stage children’s plays in different languages.

    It is important for Zhenya to give each child a chance to reveal individuality and at the same time to accept and to respect the others. She strives for making learning process joyful, fun and creative!

    She grows up two sons, loves good movies, traveling and reading. She is fond of dancing.

  • Tatiana MILETITCH - French

    Tatiana MILETITCH - French

    Tatiana is French of slavic origin and has been living in Moscow for 8 years.

    She holds a  degree in psychology and in teaching.

    She has been studying psychology in the EPP in Paris. After graduating in clinical psychology, she decided to come back to Moscow, where she lived in her youth. She worked as governess for Russian VIP families in Russia and Israel, and also gave private lessons to a various auditory (children, teens and adults).

    Eager to enlarge her knowledge of teaching and methodology, she trained at the Alliance Francaise in teaching French as a foreign language specializing in teaching to kids. She is very  fond of Montessory methodology and hopes to find time to specialize in this methodology.

    Tatiana has been working for P’titCREF1905 since 2015.

    She enjoys reading French and Russian classics, playing the piano and doing crafts. She loves running but also just walking around in Moscow with friends.

  • Orla O'SULLIVAN - English

    Orla O'SULLIVAN - English

    Orla O'Sullivan is an English teacher from San Francisco, California.

    She graduated from Reed College (Portland, Oregon), where she received a bachelors degree in Russian Literature and Language. At Reed, she lead educational outreach courses, engaging young students with rigorous first-hand experiences of science experiments and contemporary artworks. 


    During her free-time, she interns at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. She is fluent in Russian and Spanish, and soon, French. 

  • Benjamin MORGAN - English

    Benjamin MORGAN - English

    Ben Morgan is from Great Britain and has been at P’tit Cref 1905 since February 2016.

    He has a varied background in education, having worked in a British primary school, mainly with younger ages, and as a private English language tutor in Moscow with both children and adults. In addition to the education sector he also has several years of experience working with people with special needs; mental and physical disabilities.

    At Queen Mary, University of London, Ben had Russian and European Studies due to an interest in world politics and other cultures, and foreign languages. Overall, he has been in Moscow for two years, most of which he spent teaching or tutoring after gaining his TEFL qualification while at university.

    He takes great pleasure in teaching a language to others, and especially to children! Apart from keen interests in politics and travel, he also enjoys reading, cinema and being outdoors away from the city. Animals and the natural world have always been pleasures of his and he has ridden horses for most of his life in the fields of rural Wales.

  • Natalia PUNIGOVA - Russian, speech terapist

    Natalia PUNIGOVA - Russian, speech terapist

    Natalia graduated from the M.E. Evseev Mordovian State Pedagogical University with a specialisation in correctional pedagogy. She has a secondary medical education. Natalia regularly improves upon her qualifications.

    Natalia is specialised in giving knowledge of the world around and developing good speech skills, correction of any problems in speech or written skills and development of higher psychological functions - perception, memory, reason and fine motor skills.

    Natalia has successful experience of working in kindergartens, a rehabilitation institution for disabled children, as well as private practices.

    She approaches any work with responsibility. She loves good movies, theatre and music. Natalia is keen on psychology and she is studying English.

  • Elena DOLGOVA - Russian

    Elena DOLGOVA - Russian

    Elena graduated with honours from the Moscow Pedagogical College №9 «Arbat" with a specialisation in "Teaching in elementary school" and as an "English language teacher." She later gained a specialty in "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education" at the Moscow State Pedagogical University (with honours).

    Again with honours she got specialisation in "Theory and Practice Management education " from the Moscow State Pedagogical University. 

    In addition, Elena got a certificate in "Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language for children" from Moscow State University. 

    Elena is eager in her self-education and is regularly adds to her qualifications.

    In 2008 she took part in the  "Teacher of the Year"competition, where she received a diploma for the best lesson in the Central District of Moscow.

    She has valuable experience in teaching at elementary school, with groups of children aged 1-4 years (early development stage) and 3-7 years (preschool stage).

    Elena has worked in Ptit CREF as a Russian language teacher since 2012. 

    Elena is guided by the following principles: a personality focused approach to children's education and development; ensuring a comforting and creative atmosphere in the group; development of necessary pre-school knowledge and skills, as well as motivation for  further school learning and the building of self-reliance. 

    Elena has a 7 year old daughter and an 18 month old son . She loves looking at the world through the eyes of children, and helping in their first discoveries. She considers her main purpose in life the education and training of kids, as this in turn educates and improves adults as well.

  • Maeva MOTTAIS - French

    Maeva MOTTAIS - French

    Maëva Mottais is 25 and comes from Nantes, France.  She been teaching for 2 years now.  Last year, she was in Morocco, teaching French in some public schools from age 6 to 18 and also in the French institute of Tetouan.  She has a Bachelor degree in English and a Master degree in « FLE » (French as a foreign language). During her years at university, she has been working in some French schools as an English teacher for children who wanted extra time of English. Then, she has done an internship in a Montessori school in Paris.  Before teaching at P’tit Cref, she was teaching at Cref in Moscow for 6 months.  She loves jogging and playing tennis. Her hobbies are also reading books, watching films, going to the cinema and to museums on weekends. She also likes going to the theater in her spare time.  



    Lisa comes from Bordeaux. She first came to Russia in 2012 to teach French at State University in Kolomna. During that year she was as well teaching her native language at primary school. After that she has returned to France to obtain Masters degree in teaching.

    She came again to Russia in 2016 to be teaching at PtitCREF1905.

    Lisa likes international cinema, travelling, foreign languages and arts.