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  • Alfia Yarkina - Russian

    Alfia Yarkina - Russian

    Alfia graduated from Tambov State Pedagogic Institute in 1990. After graduating Alfia attended professional training in 1996.

    She has 25 years of qualified work experience in both private and public schools. Alfia has worked at P'tit CREF since 2012.

    She enjoys reading, travelling and she is in the process of updating her qualifications.

  • Wilfrid Dumontier - French

    Wilfrid Dumontier - French

    Wilfrid Dumontier is from Rouen, Normandy.

    He graduated from Rouen International School of Management. He has a lot of experience working with international students and enjoys helping people to engage with the French language.He is very patient and enjoys learning about cultural differences.

    He came to P’tit Cref1905 because he wanted to use his skills to work with children and help them discover the fascinating world of the French language and French culture.

  • Zakaria HUSEINI - English, Languages4kids

    Zakaria HUSEINI - English, Languages4kids

    Zak has over three years’ experience in teaching English as a foreign language to young learners, as a tutor and EFL teacher using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; Learning, Teaching and Assessments abbreviated in English as CEFR. As a multilingual person Zak is flexible and a creative English tutor who adjusts his teaching methods to suit every English learner making use of several teaching methods.

    Zak graduated from the University of Ghana in 2012. He successfully completed his Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign language (TEFL) from United Kingdom in August 2015. He joined P’titCREF1905 to enlighten the kids on different cultures, languages and science. Zak is a sports fan, loves travelling, swimming, reading and theatre. 

  • Natalia PUNIGOVA - Russian, speech therapist

    Natalia PUNIGOVA - Russian, speech therapist

    Natalia graduated from the M.E. Evseev Mordovian State Pedagogical University with a specialisation in correctional pedagogy. She has a secondary medical education. Natalia regularly improves upon her qualifications.

    Natalia is specialised in giving knowledge of the world around and developing good speech skills, correction of any problems in speech or written skills and development of higher psychological functions - perception, memory, reason and fine motor skills.

    Natalia has successful experience of working in kindergartens, a rehabilitation institution for disabled children, as well as private practices.

    She approaches any work with responsibility. She loves good movies, theatre and music. Natalia is keen on psychology and she is studying English.

  • Claire WArhurst - English

    Claire WArhurst - English

    Claire Warhurst comes from the United Kingdom. She has graduated from Chester University College (University of Liverpool) where she studied History and Archaeology.  

    Claire has been teaching English as a Foreign language for over five years.  Before coming to Russia she lived in Inner Mongolia in China for four years, teaching a variety of ages from 3+  Claire enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.  And especially enjoys the cold weather and snow! 

  • Sheryl Fritz - English

    Sheryl Fritz - English

    Sheryl Fritz was born in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Her love for children started from the age of twelve when her first nephew arrived.

    Sheryl left her country, South Africa in 2004 and since then she has been living in many countries. Her teaching experience stems from South Africa, Indonesia and now Russia. She has over ten years’ experience teaching English as a foreign/second language. She loves to engage in arts and crafts as this type of way truly expresses the meaning of the child’s creativity.  Her teaching method is love what you do and you will do it well!

  • Galina Sherbakova - russian, psychologist

    Galina Sherbakova - russian, psychologist

    Galina graduated from the Psychology and Sociology Institute MGPU in 2008. She has as well got a diploma as a clinical psychologist. She is upgrading her qualifications at workshops, webinars and courses. She has been working for state educaional institutions in Moscow for over 10 years. Galina loves theatre, music, travelling and reading.

  • Natasha Picasso - ENGLISH

    Natasha Picasso - ENGLISH


    Natasha comes from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. She studied Philology at UCL (University College London) and has a TEFL certificate. She has been teaching English for the past couple of years in London and Moscow, and has experience teaching children and adults. She enjoys music, drama, travelling and discovering new cultures. 


  • Quentin Gastaldi - French

    Quentin Gastaldi - French

    Quentin comes from Nice, Côte d’Azur. He is a French teacher for all the levels, specialized in phonetics and orthography.

    He has graduated from the University Nice Sophia Antipolis with his master’s degree in French as a Foreign Language. Being fond of languages, he enjoys both in teaching and in learning them. His main objective is to introduce the kids French culture as well as other cultures. He is inspired by kids’ ingenuity to develop his personal educational methods.

    Quentin has many hobbies such as sport, cinema or nutrition. He is a French native-speaker, speaks fluent English and is familiar with lots of oriental languages.

  • Jean Baptiste - teaching coordinator, french

    Jean Baptiste - teaching coordinator, french

    Jean Baptiste was born and raised in the department of Aude, in the south of France.

    He first studied Sociology and Ethnology, while working as a monitor in a High School.

    He coached American football to kids and teenagers.

    After his Masters degree in French as foreign language, he was in charge of the Sohar’s Branch of the French Omani Centre, where he taught students aged 5 to 60.


    While working for the Ptit Cref 1905, he is also training to be an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, aiming to adapt the techniques to teaching. At the moment Jean-Baptiste is a teaching coordinator.


  • William Courmaceul - French

    William comes from France. He has been teaching French more than 20 years.

    He has been working for P'titCREF for more than 8 years and 4 years coordinating Languages4kids.

    He has a license in languages and communication, he has as well a masters degree in teaching French as a foreign language. 


    He has arrived to Moscow in 2007 and decided to concentrate on pre-school education, thus working with kids and babies.

    It is an exciting eperience - to observe the discovery of a French language by the kids. He enjoys seeing kids getting making their progress and learning in French.


    William is an author of FLE and EFL books for preschool learners, he enjoys developping pedagogical materials for very young learners.


  • Ruslana Poltoropavlova - manager


  • Gulcin Bektas- Principal

  • Oleg Pozdnyakov - Director

  • Volodina Eugenia - Deputy Head