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Summer fun in Moscow

Summer fun in Moscow

These include:
• Elements of team building, games aimed at developing leadership skills and self-expression
• Fairy tales and acting classes, lego designing and building, festival of paint ???
• Physical games and activities: football, scooter racing, yoga, badminton, outdoor games and relay races, street chess - remember to bring some swimwear, on the hottest day there will be lots water and splashing about))
• Treasure Hunts
• Getting acquainted with the work of the emergency services, learning about security measures and traffic regulations
• Discovering new musical instruments and coaching young rock stars

The cheerful, friendly and warm atmosphere of the school creates favorable conditions for the practice of languages. Lessons alternate between creative competitions and outdoor games.

Our motto is "We do not study languages, we acquire a knowledge of the world through them".

ll programs include:
• Creative activities
• Development of large and small motor skills
• Cooking classes
• Music
• Outdoor games
• Water games
• Children's literature
• Outings and excursions
• Four meals a day
• Full days or half days (until lunchtime)
• Quiet time for the child at the request of the parent

Learn more and register by telephone:
8 (495) 605 22 00
8 (903) 533 22 00