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Games club

Games club

New club! Can your child play?

What do our kids do most of the time? They play!

They play in their free time, at kindergarten, at home, they play when they are studying and when they are having a rest. It’s the best way to explore the world.

Games help children’s development in many ways.

The main aims of our Games Club are:

  • to develop knowledge and skills to study successfully at school;
  • to help improve intelligence;
  • to increase their interest in educational activities;
  • to teach kids how to cope with difficult situations;
  • to develop their ability to cooperate;
  • to teach them that participation is more important than winning;
  • to encourage an active lifestyle.

What are we going to do? We will use a variety of games including board games, team games, science games, quite games, loud games, games with using different materials and educational games, of course.

Your kids will learn through play We are enrolling now! Join us!

Day and time: Thursday 5:15-6:15 p.m.

Age: from 3 years old

Language: English, Russian.